Palestine President Abbas Suspends Chief of Staff Husseini

The President of Palestine has suspended his Chief of Staff after allegations that he was involved in soliciting sex from a female job applicant.Mahmoud-Abbas

President Mahmoud Abbas (pictured) has relieved Rafiq al-Husseini from his duties while a commission appointed by Abbas investigates the allegations. The results are expected within three weeks.

Last week, Channel 10 of Israel televised a report based from a hidden-camera footage and an interview with Fahmy Shabaneh, the former intelligence officer who made the allegations.

Husseini said to reporters that he had fell “victim to a trap set by members of a gang linked to Israeli intelligence.” He said that the tape has been shot one and a half year ago and that it was dubbed.

Shabaneh is accusing the Palestinian Authority (PA) of widespread corruption. These corruption allegations were the main reason of the defeat of Abbas’s Fatah faction from the 2006 legislative elections.

Meanwhile, the attorney general of PA is threatening to sue the television network that aired the video for “circulating lies and false claims.”