Palm Pre debuts at CES

palm pre ces

Palm Inc., the developer of the once popular Treo has unveiled a new mobile device that it believes outperforms every other smartphone on the market.

The new Palm Pre, introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show works with a new software called Web OS and has a slide-out keyboard for faster and easier texting. It has a clean interface, a combination of touchscreen and keyboard inputs, and a curvy black exterior.

“This brings Palm back into the game,” said Tim Bajarin, industry analyst and consultant with the firm Creative Strategies. “It’s a very slick and solid device. Having both the touch screen and drop down keyboard is exceptional.”

The Pre has 8GB of storage, GPS, Wi-Fi and EvDO 3G support, a 3 megapixel camera with flash and 3.1 inch screen.

The phone will be available “as soon as possibleā€ exclusively via Sprint Nextel. Pricing has yet to be determined, the company said.