Panty Collector Arrested

Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. However, for a 58-year-old divorced man from Wisconsin, missing his ex-wife made him a passionate underwear collector. Wauwatosa police arrested Robert Remiker for stealing panties from a drawer at an open house. Remiker was caught red-handed with eight panties contained in a plastic bag. Realtors and visitors at the open house alerted police after seeing the suspect rummage through underwear drawers.

Reports said Remiker, from Hales Corners in Milwaukee County, had been a permanent figure at open house sessions around the Milwaukee area, Wauwatosa, Greenfield, and Franklin. When asked why he stole the underwear, Remiker said he missed his ex-wife so much. He also admitted to having more than 50 stolen panties at his mother’s house, where he is currently residing. Remiker, who was arrested six years ago for peering into the window of a neighbor’s bathroom, was charged with three counts of misdemeanor theft.