Paris Hilton Finishes Vegas Probation

Paris Hilton is back in good standing in the eyes of Las Vegas law after the hotel heiress completed the terms set out in her probation regarding a 2010 cocaine possession case.

Justice of the Peace Joe Bonavenuture closed Hilton’s case on Tuesday after the 30-year-old socialite completed more than 200 hours of community service, paid a fine, and attended counseling sessions. Hilton was not present in court on Tuesday, but was represented by her attorney, Richard Schonfeld, who asked the court that his client’s probation be terminated and her case be closed. “We ask that her informal probation be terminated honorably and the case be closed at this time,” Schonfeld said during the short hearing. Deputy District Attorney Priyanka Sedlock did not interpose any objection, telling the court that “she has stayed out of trouble, so the state has no problem.”

The probation stemmed from an August 27, 2010 incident where Hilton and her then boyfriend Cy Waits were stopped on the Las Vegas Strip after police smelled what appeared to be marijuana permeating from the couple’s car. Hilton was arrested after a sachet of cocaine dropped from her purse while she was asking officers to allow her to go to a nearby hotel.

Though the number of drug addicted celebrities seeking drug addiction help is growing, there are still many of them who neglect to do so.