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Paul the Octopus Picks Spain as World Cup Champions

paul_octopus_netherlands_spainPaul the Octopus has made his prediction for the upcoming finals of the 19th World Cup Finals come Sunday, July 11.

The eight-tentacle cephalopod mollusk hovered over the flag of Spain when it was given a choice between the nation and its competition, the Netherlands.

The two-year-old octopus correctly guessed the winner of the last six matches of the German national team. It was to the dismay of his watchers when he paused at the flag of Germany before picking Spain during the second semi-finals match.

However, CNN reports that the probable reason for the accuracy is that it has learned to recognize the German flag, after all, he lives in a German aquarium. (He was born in England though).  Learning to recognize a flag may not be far-fetched as octopi are considered to be one of the most intelligent sea creatures in the planet.

The upcoming finals will feature two countries that never won the Cup before. It will be Spain’s first appearance in a final game. Its previous highest placement was fourth in 1950. Netherlands placed runner-up twice in 1974 and 1978 and fourth in 1998.