‘Peekababe’ iPhone app now approved


Last month, an iPhone application called Peekababe was rejected by the App store due to its ‘excessive sexual content’. Well now, it’s back! And the app doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

Developed by Sookie Solutions, Peekababe is a simple application that allows you to undress several cuties–but none of these girls are nude–they are simply stripped down to their lingerie and bikinis. You can swipe from side to side to get different women/clothes combinations. You can set any of these images as your wallpaper, or choose your favorite ‘hot chick’ to be displayed when you start the app.

Peekababe doesn’t have any kind of nude or pornographic pictures. So why did Apple reject it? Apparently, those application reviewers have felt that these models just weren’t wearing enough.

Oh, so it’s not OK for these babes to show some skin, but it’s absolutely acceptable to murder and mutilate a game character on iPhone?

According to TechCrunch:

So why did Apple approve the app this time? Well it may be because Sookie now includes a 12+ rating for it. “My rating was based on the guidelines that they have for the iTunes store. Better to be safe than sorry,” Bigio says. There is also a clear note saying that it does not contain any nude or pornographic pictures. 12+ is kind of funny though. Something tells me a lot of parents wouldn’t want their 12-year-old playing with this app.

There have been plenty of other “sexy” apps that have appeared the App Store over time, including iStrip, MagicPen, Wobble and Bikini Babes. But Peekababe seems to have the clearest images and is definitely one of the most blatantly sexual yet.

Check out the video below to see it in action. You can download Peekababe on iTunes for $0.99.