Pineberries: Fruit looks like white strawberry but tastes like pineapple

Pineberries White Strawberry

A new kind of fruit that looks like a white strawberry but tastes like a pineapple is going on sale in the UK.

Called pineberry, the strange-looking-variety of the popular summer fruit originated in South America where it grew wild. It had been near to extinction until seven years ago when the Dutch began growing it commercially.

Pineberries will be on sale for five weeks at selected Waitrose branches. A 125g punnet will cost £2.99 until April 13 and then sell for £3.99.

Nicki Baggott, Waitrose fruit buyer, said: ”Pineberries offer our customers the chance to add a new fruit into their diet and the berry’s bright appearance can add an unusual decoration to sweet dishes.”

Pineberries are slightly smaller than the common strawberries. They are grown in glasshouses, turning from green to white and are ripe when the seeds turn dark red.