Pink HD Camcorder


The color of a gadget does not in any way determine how well it functions but for those who are tired of the basic black, white or grey camcorders, here’s something for you.

Stylish HD camcorder with a 3 inch LCD touch screen and it’s Pink. From video recording to image capturing. This beautifully well designed digital camcorder built to perform effortlessly, coming with 2 SD card slots that gives you tons of storage space for capturing video and photos.

Each SD card slot can handle 16GB’s, in total you are getting 32 GB’s, just like the new iPhone 3Gs that comes with 32 GB’s or storage space. The 3 inch LCD touchscreen makes operating this camcorder simple. With one mode touch select either video recording, photo capturing or voice recording. Never miss a moment thanks to its quick response and effortless performance.

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