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Plates, Cups, and All That Jazz: A Closer Look at Jacksonville’s Trash

trashJacksonville is Florida’s largest city based on population and the largest by area in the contiguous United States. It’s a big place with a lot of people. It also hosts numerous sports and cultural events that draw big crowds to the city, such as the Jacksonville Jazz Festival held every April. If you have been to any of these events, you would know that where the crowds are, loads of trash are sure to follow.

In these events, a couple of extra garbage bags aren’t enough to contain the hundreds, maybe thousands, of discarded water bottles, burger wrappers, drink cups, paper plates, and other trash on the venue or streets where the events are held. Cleanup takes a lot of time and effort, and often it becomes necessary to call for dumpster rental in Jacksonville.

Trash-y events
Jacksonville has got a lot going on, especially during the months of April and May when most of the city’s events are held. These events are participated in not only by the residents of Jacksonville, but by tourists from nearby towns and cities as well. In April, the city also hosts the Starry Nights Concerts at Metropolitan Park, One Spark, the Blessing of the Fleet, Springing the Blues, and the Tree Hill Nature Center Butterfly Festival.

In May, Jacksonville holds the World of Nations Celebration, The Players Championship, the Mug Race, the Jacksonville Film Festival, Memorial Day at the Veterans Memorial Wall, the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, and the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. Almost all of these events are conducted outdoors and pose a challenge to the city’s Sanitary Services crew.

Spotlight: the Jacksonville Jazz Festival
The Jazz Festival, held in downtown Jacksonville, coincides with the Memorial Day weekend and is considered as one of the best jazz events in the U.S. There are several stages scattered throughout the festival area, which includes venues such as the Jacksonville Landing, Hemming Plaza, and the Florida Theatre, where the Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition takes place. Past performances featured notable musical artists such as Kenny G, Miles Davis, Patti Austin, Natalie Cole, and David Benoit, among others.

Trash talk
What happens to all the trash gathered during the events? The Solid Waste Division of the local government has the responsibility of disposing all of the city’s trash. Aside from building and operating the city’s sanitation and solid waste management facilities, it also manages solid waste removal activities. These cover the collection of garbage, disposal operations, and sanitary services. Three private garbage hauling companies are contracted to attend to the residential collection of garbage as well as yard waste.

After collection, the city’s garbage—those that are not fit for the recycling bin and those that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Household Hazardous Waste Program—are disposed of in landfills and yard waste processing facilities.

Keeping the city’s streets clean is a task undertaken by the Sanitary Services department. They also monitor and collect litter along Jacksonville’s streets and other public rights-of-way. They’re the biggest busybodies after festivals and other outdoor events, and Jacksonville should probably have a holiday honoring these hardworking folks. Don’t you agree?