Pope John Paul II Assassin now a Free Man

The assassin of the late Pope John Paul II has walked out of prison as a free man in Turkey. He was declared by doctors, however, as mentally unstable.pope-and-agca

Mehmet Ali Agca, 51, spent a total of 30 years in prison. He served 19 years in Italy for attempting to kill the pontiff. He was released via a clemency granted by then president of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. The clemency was requested by the pope.

He returned to Turkey where he was immediately arrested for the 1979 murder of journalist Abdi Ipekci.

Agca attempted to kill the late Pope on May 13. 1981. The Pope spent six hours and declared that he has forgiven Agca. Pope John Paul personally visited Agca in prison on December 27, 1983  to say to him personally that he has forgiven him.

The newly freed man never explained why he tried to kill the pope.

Immediately after his release, he promptly predicted the end of the world within this century. He believed that he is the “Christ eternal.”