Puerto Rican Dead Man Embalmed in a Motorcycle Sitting Position

Repsol-liveried-Honda-CBR600-F4If you are entering immortality, why not go out with a bang.

A man, who died after being shot last Thursday, April 22 in Puerto Rico, was embalmed in a non-traditional way.

Visitors at his wake will find him riding atop his motorcycle and complete with the attire and sunglasses. He is positioned as if he was revving the engine and in a fast highway.

David Morales Colon, 22 years old and a victim of shooting, was positioned in the lifelike manner as requested by his family, who brought the motorcycle at the funeral home after he was killed.

The motorcycle, a Repsol-liveried Honda CBR600 F4 (pictured), was a gift to Colon by his uncle.

The funeral home responsible for the unusual setup is Marin Funeral Home in Hato Rey in San Juan, the very same one that embalmed another shooting victim standing straight in 2008.

One can say that Colon is riding to the afterlife.

You can check a video of the wake below: