Rahm Emanuel Eying Chicago Mayoral Post

The 23rd White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stated in an interview that he would like to run for mayor of Chicago. However, he will only do so when incumbent Mayor Richard M. Daley no longer wants to serve. Rahm-Emanuel

In an interview with Charlie Rose of PBS, Emanuel answered the question on whether there is any other job in the government that he would like to have and he said he would like to run as the mayor of the Windy City. He said that he is missing the “contact with constituents.”

He was quick to stress out, however, that he is not planning that in the immediate future especially if his dear friend Daley will be running again as mayor.

“Right now I’m a chief of staff,” he told. “I’m in the Cabinet, [the] president put the chief of staff in the Cabinet, but one day I want to run again.”

Daley, who is in the running to become the city’s longest serving mayor, has still not announced if he will be going for a sixth full term come 2011.