Louisa Ball, A Real-Life Sleeping Beauty

Fifteen-year-oldĀ  Louisa Ball has been diagnosed to have the Kleine-Levin Syndrome – also known as the “Sleeping Beauty” syndrome. This allows her to sleep for almost two weeks.Sleeping-beauty

Ball first contracted the syndrome in October 2008 after being inflicted with flu. Her longest recorded sleep is at 13 days. During these over-extended trips to dreamland, her parents are forced to wake her so that she can at least eat and go to the bathroom. She misses school, social activities and even holidays. She experiences it once every four to five weeks.

The syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that strikes mostly teenagers characterized by recurring periods of excessive amounts of sleepĀ and altered behavior. In between these periods of too much napping, the teenager lives normal days. When they are waken up in-between the long sleep, it will only be for a brief moment and they would feel disoriented, spacey, childlike, confused, out of focus, hypersensitive to light and noise, lacks energy (lethargy) and lacks emotions (apathy).

Patients can also experience food cravings, hypersexuality for males and depression for females.

Its cause remains unknown.

Long rests, anyone?