Reality Show Planned for Teenager’s Voyage

Abigail_SunderlandThe father of the teenager who was stopped from her solo global circumnavigation voyage backed out from a proposed reality show of her daughter’s journey weeks after she embarked.

Laurence Sunderland said that he was approached by Magnetic Entertainment to have the journey around the world of daughter Abby Sunderland be the subject of a reality show. However, he did not push through with the plan a few weeks after Abby started her trip due to some disputes with the producers.

Abby’s voyage was stopped after her boat got damaged in a storm in the Indian Ocean. She was attempting to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, a feat that was held by her older brother Zac. Zac’s record was already broken. However, the Guinness World Records doesn’t recognize Zac’s record.

The current record is by Jessica Watson who was 16 years and 362 days old when she circumnavigated the world.