Report: Lady Gaga Gate Crashes Yankees Clubhouse

Lady Gaga is a marked target by the New York Yankees management after the singer allegedly barged into the team’s clubhouse uninvited and even gave the players something to talk about by repeatedly groping her breasts.

The New York Post reported that Gaga was gulping down Jameson Irish Whiskey when she sweet talked her way into the exclusive clubhouse, where she hung around for about 30 minutes and tried to strike conversations, albeit in a slurred and drunken voice, with Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, and four other Yankees. Gaga was wearing a half-unbuttoned Yankees jersey that showed her black bra. She completed her look with a fishnet stocking and a black bikini.

The incident, which took place after the Yankees lost to the Mets on Friday, caught team co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner off guard and mad. Steinbrenner reportedly told executives at the Yankee Stadium to prohibit Gaga from going into the clubhouse again.

It is the second time that Gaga, a self-confessed Yankee fan, hogged the spotlight at a New York MLB game. On June 10, Gaga was criticized for flashing a double bad finger during a game at Citi Field, where the Mets faced the San Diego Padres. She also requested to be transferred to Mets super fan Jerry Seinfeld’s empty luxury box after she was seated in the front row near photographers, who received an earful of curses from the singer when they took her pictures.