Report: Nigeria Violence Erupts, At Least 200 Dead

A religious conflict has erupted in a village near the city of Jos in Nigeria, leaving at least 200 people dead, a report published by the Associated Press said. The AP said a Nigeria-based reporter relayed the information regarding the Christian-Muslim violence. Yemi Kosoko of the Indepent Nigerian News Network Channels said the dead consisted mostly of women and children, with bodies lined up on the streets of Dogo Nahawa village.

Red Cross spokesman Robin Waubo said the military has already dispatched soldiers to the site in order to prevent violence from escalating. Witnesses said fighting started at dawn, when a curfew was supposed to be in effect. Areas surrounding the city of Jos has been under curfew since religious violence first erupted in the area in January. The January conflict resulted in the death of more than 300 people.

Military and government officials have yet to give their statement about the incident. The latest violence is a big blow to the government, which has been trying to rid the region of sectarian conflicts that have resulted in hundreds of death.