Report: Sarkozy bans tall bodyguards

Sarkozy Bans Tall Bodyguards

Get this, folks: French President Nicolas Sarkozy has banned the hiring of tall security agents, according to a report from The Daily Telegraph.

Sarkozy, who is about 5 foot, 5 inches, wears specially designed platformed shoes to look taller in public speeches and gatherings and has been caught standing on his toes during photos with global leaders. His wife, singer-songwriter and former model Carla Bruni, who is five inches taller than him, often wears flat pumps when they appear together.

From the Telegraph:

Tall security agents have been discreetly advised not to apply for a job guarding Nicolas Sarkozy, police sources have claimed.

The vertically challenged French president is said to have banned statuesque bodyguards despite their added value of being able to spot potential attackers in a crowd.

A police source told Le Parisien that “there’s no point recruiting supermen” as “large-sized” candidates stood little chance of being taken on.

Meanwhile, the popularity rating of the president has fallen again, according to a survey published on French daily newspaper Liberation. Sixty-four percent of over 1,000 people surveyed had a negative assessment of Sarkozy while 2 percent had no opinion at all.