Rescuers Save 114 from Flooded China Mine

Finally, some good news from China’s killer mines. Reports said rescuers were able to save 114 miners from the flooded Wangjialing mine, about a week since the workers were trapped inside the pit. Rescue workers are still trying to look for 39 others who could still be alive, local media reported.

Anxious families cheered as rescuers came out from the mine with miners on stretchers. The rescue effort, which was broadcast live by state-run CCTV, was organized after signs of life were noticed from the mine a couple of days ago. According to CCTV, the miners had to stay suspended from wall shafts for three days as floodwaters filled the mine. They were able to get down only after a mining cart floated in their direction, reports said.

Shanxi provincial Gov. Wang Jun said some 200 rescuers are working to find all possible survivors of the mine flooding, which is the latest tragedy to strike China’s problematic mining industry. Mining accidents in China account for thousands of deaths each year, mostly due to poor safety measures.