Rihanna Admits Matt Kemp as her Boyfriend

R&B singer and entertainer Rihanna admitted that Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp is her boyfriend Thursday, April 8.rihanna

The admission came during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM show.

“He’s my boyfriend. … It’s new and it’s fun and it’s nothing too serious. I don’t want anything nuts that’s gonna take up so much of my energy and time in a bad way,” she revealed.

The couple has been seen together since early this year but they keep denying that they are together.

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rihanna confirmed that she felt a little bit nerve-racked during her very first performance at the American Idol. She performed her latest single Rockstar 101 during last Wednesday’s results night episode where contestant Michael Lynche survived a cut after being saved by the judges.

Rihanna can also be seen in her upcoming tour entitled Last Girl on Earth with Ke$ha.

Asked if Kemp would be accompanying her on the tour she replied negative as he has also a job to do.