Roommate of Suicide Victim Charged for Invasion of Privacy

George_washington_bridgeA roommate and his friend are being charged for possible invasion of privacy that led to a suicide of a freshman college student. The college student committed suicide after a video of him having sex with another man was posted on the Internet.

The body of Tyler Clementi, 18, a student at Rutgers University was found in Hudson River. It was ruled as a suicide. He jumped off from the George Washington Bridge (pictured).

Roommate Dharun Ravi and a friend Molly Wei are being charged for invasion of privacy. It is said that they have used a webcam to film and transmit over the Internet footage of Clementi having sex with another man in his dorm room.

The New Jersey Attorney General office is also studying if a hate crime can also be charged.

The suspects are facing a third-degree crime case which will land them in jail for five years. If they will be charged for a hate crime, they will face 10 years of jail term.

Clementi was a gifted violinist. He was a freshman not majoring in music but who played in competitive, graduate-level orchestra, a rare feat. He was actually scheduled to play with Rutgers Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, October 2.