Ryan Seacrest on Ellen DeGeneres; Fox on New Judges

Ryan SeacrestAmerican Idol host Ryan Seacrest said that he is sad that judge Ellen DeGeneres will be leaving the show after only one season. Meanwhile, sources fromĀ Fox indicate that there will be no announcements regarding new judges during the network’s segment of the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday, August 2.

“I’m sad. I know her well and I’m sad she’s not going to be on the show with us, but happy if this is what she wants to do,” said Seacrest, 35, at his morning radio show.

DeGeneres, 52, said that she will no longer be returning to the show because it was hard for her to judge people and sometimes hurt contestant’s feelings.

Network meanwhile is still silent on who will be replacing DeGeneres and Simon Cowell. The list of those who will be joining keeps increasing as the call back auditions draw near. Latest to be considered are Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.