Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Retains Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State

God Save the Queen


Queen Elizabeth II retains being head of state across 16 nations after Saint Vincent and the Grenadines refused to remove her as head of state and replace her with an elected president in a national referendum.

The national government needed two-thirds of the 97,000 voters to change the 1979 independence constitution abolishing the monarchy of the country and replace the British queen with a president chosen by the parliament as head of state.

The results showed that only 43% are in favor of the change.

Political analysts however indicated that the vote was less of a rejection with the monarchy rather than to the rejection of having the current prime minister, Raplh Gonsalves, get a greater control of the country. The opposition has warned of his ”dictatorial and draconian style leadership”.

This is the explanation being offered on why Vincentians prefer a London-handed rather than homegrown constitution.

The country is located in the Caribbean Sea just north of South America. It has been ruled by France and United Kingdom until it gained independence in 1979.