Sarah Palin Fumes After ‘Family Guy’ Episode Mocks Son

Sarah Palin is on attack mode. The former Republican vice-presidential nominee berated the people behind the animated series “Family Guy” after her youngest son was apparently mocked in one of the show’s episodes.

Palin described the Family Guy episode as a “kick in the gut” to her and her family. The episode in question shows one of the main characters Chris falling for a girl with Down syndrome. In one scene, Chris asks the girl what her parents do. Of which she replied that “My dad’s an accountant, and my mom is the former governor of Alaska.”

Palin’s youngest son Trig has Down syndrome. She has also recently resigned as governor of Alaska. Palin said the episode is one of those things that make life harder for people with special needs. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly in Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor, Palin said that “this world is full of cruel, cold-hearted people who would do such a thing,” apparently referring to Family Guy maker Seth MacFarlane. Ironically, both MacFarlane and Palin work for Fox. Palin is a political analyst and contributor at Fox News while Family Guy is shown on Fox Hollywood.