Saturday’s Partial Eclipse May Make Moon Reddish in Color

partial_lunar_eclipseThe National Geographic is reporting that the partial lunar eclipse that will occur Saturday, June 26, may have a change of color due to the light refraction from Earth’s atmosphere and Iceland‘s volcanic ash.

The eclipse will begin at 3:17 AM Pacific Time and it will last for three hours. Christian Science Monitor reports that it will start at 2:50 AM PDT, peaks at 4:40 AM and ends at 6:25 AM.

It can be seen in most of the Americas, Australia and Asia. In the Philippines, the eclipse will start at 4:55 PM local time, peaking at 7:38 PM and ends at 10:21 PM, as reported by the country’s weather bureau PAG-ASA.

Estimates of the magnitude of Earth’s shadow in the moon ranges from 53.7% to 54.2%.

The recent eruptions of the Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajokull might make the color of the moon reddish. Sunlight may be refracted off from the dust in the atmosphere, the same effect that’s in play during red sunsets.