Serbia Formally Applies for European Union Membership

Serbia has joined the list of countries applying for membership with political and economic powerhouse – the European Union.

Other countries applying are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey. Another one, Kosovo, is also applying but its own independence is still in question as Serbia still recognizes it as part of its territory. Several EU states do not recognize its independence.

Serbian President Boris Tadic will be going to Sweden to submit the request. Sweden is currently holding the union’s rotating presidency. An estimate of ten years is being projected before Serbia could formally join. This was compensated last week as the Union has finally removed the visa-requirements for border entry against Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

One potential problem that Serbia may face for membership is that former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic has still not been arrested. He is wanted for genocide by the UN War Crimes Tribunal.

The union currently has 27 members including the only former Yugoslav republic to join its ranks which is Slovenia.

(Picture shows the Seat of European Union Parliament)