“Shrek” Makes “Sex” Second Option, Rules Box Office

Shrek Forever AfterNot even “Sex” was enough to knock off a big green ogre at the box office during Memorial Day weekend. “Shrek Forever and After” topped the box office for the second-straight weekend, raking in $43.3 million from Friday to Sunday, edging “Sex and the City 2,” which could only collect $32.1 million.

The fourth and final “Shrek” now has $133.1 million in domestic earnings after two weeks, with producers hoping the big green ogre will have enough legs to last several more weeks in the top 10, the very exact thing that “How to Train Your Dragon” has been doing. “Dragon” came in tenth in its tenth week with about $1 million, pushing its domestic total to more than $212 million.

Meanwhile, “Prince of Persia,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, opened in third place with $30.2 million, a modest debut that might not be enough to convince producer Jerry Bruckheimer to turn the video game adaptation into a franchise similar “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“Iron Man 2” and “Robin Hood” rounded out the top five, with $16 million and $10.3 million, respectively. The other films in the top 10 are “Letters to Juliet,” “Just Wright,” “Date Night,” and “MacGruber.”