Sir Lanka Presidential Candidate Sarath Fonseka Arrested

The man who lost in the presidential elections last month in Sri Lanka was arrested for “committing military offenses” and for plotting to overthrow the government.Sarath-Fonseka

Sarath Fonseka, was physically dragged and arrested Monday night, February 8, at his Colombo residence. He was in a meeting with leaders of the opposition. The government accused him of committing military offenses but would not give details. Fonseka, a general and former army commander, will be court-martialed but no date for that has been given.

He ran against former ally President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Together, they both led the campaign against the Tamil Tiger insurgents last May 2009. Fonseka was appointed Chief of Defense staff. They later had a falling out pushing Fonseka to run against Rajapksa.

Fonseka accused Rajapksa of election fraud after he lost by a wide margin despite the fact that early predictions indicate that it would be a close fight. Thousands of people went into streets in protest of the election results.