Skip law school, impersonate a lawyer

Tahir Malik Fake Lawyer

Okay. That’s probably not a good advise to give. But according to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times, a man from Illinois has posed as a lawyer for years, taking cash to represent defendants in dozens of cases, and almost got away with it.

Tahir Malik, a convicted felon, never spent a day in law school. Instead, it appears that the 47-year-old learned his legal skills from his own criminal background. He was finally busted on Dec. 17 after his bizarre personality was questioned by Cook County Courthouse personnel.

“No one suspected anything for years because he did everything right — except obtain a law degree,” Sheriff Tom Dart said. “There is no question that dozens of people from all over Cook County were misled by this guy.”

Malik faces two felony counts of false impersonation of a lawyer and will appear in court on January 28. The question is: will he be representing himself?

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