Slimmer Amazon Kindle Announced Competing More Directly with Apple iPad

new_kindle_3rd_genAmazon announced today that it will be releasing the next generation of its electronic reader in two versions: one with a Wi-Fi only and another Wi-Fi + 3G. Do that formats sound familiar?

Well, those are the exact specifications of the two versions of the current popular tablet computer iPad which is manufactured by Apple. However, the price range is way different.

The Wi-Fi only version is at $139 while the one with the 3G version will cost $189. The iPad versions (at 16GB) are at $499 and $629 respectively.

The new version of the gadget will also be 21% smaller and 15% lighter. It will also have 20% faster page turns and sharper resolution. It is now designed for better reading against sunlight and double the battery storage (from two weeks to one month usage for a single charge). They will become available August 27.

Also, the older version of the Kindle is currently temporarily out of stock.