Snowstorm Hits US East Coast Anew

With people still to recover from the effects of the “Snowmageddon” that swept the US East Coast over the weekend, the National Weather Service has again raised a snowstorm alert in the area. The East Coast is expected to experience heavy snowfall starting today, with at least 12 inches of snow to be dumped from Virginia to New York.

Federal offices in Washington have been shut down for the second straight day, while thousands of flights and train trips have been canceled as part of precautionary measures. Schools were also closed on Tuesday. The NWS said the snowstorm could affect the stretch from Illinois to Massachusetts.

Weather forecasters said the snowstorm would be accompanied by wind gusts of up to 55 mph in the Northeast. Meteorologist Jim Rouiller said the winds would be intense like those of a tropical storm. “The words unprecedented and paralyzing would describe what is about to happen” to the East Coast, he said.