Solar Flare Eruptions to Reach Earth

The Earth is expected to be at the receiving end of three solar flare eruptions between Thursday and Friday, one of which is the strongest to reach us since 2006.

According to BBC, scientists at the British Geological Survey believe the flares would not be as strong as expected, which means that the effects of the eruptions would probably not have any adverse impact. However, the eruptions may cause the Aurora Borealis or northern lights to be visible as far as the northern parts of the United Kingdom. “In the scientific community, there’s a feeling that it’s not as intense as we first thought it might be. But it’s possible still that it could be a large enough event for us to see the northern lights in the UK,” BGS geomagnetism head Alan Thomson told BBC.

The NASA has classified the strongest of the three flares as an X-flare, which is given to the most intense of solar eruptions. Solar eruptions, when very strong, can affect technology in Earth, including communication systems, power grids, and satellites.