Sony Unveils ‘Move’

Sony has launched “Move,” the gadget that it hopes could help the PS3 close the gap with Nintendo’s Wii. “Move” is a motion-sensing controller similar to Wii’s wand, but with a small ball-like thing on top and a led inside. Sony hopes that “Move,” which would initially be offered at under $ 100, could propel the PS3’s sales in the coming years.

Nintendo’s Wii remains the first choice among gamers with more than 67.5 million units sold so far. It is followed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which has sold more than 39 million consoles. PS3 lags behind with only 33 million units sold worldwide. However, Sony Computer Entertainment senior vice-president Peter Dille said that they expect Wii users to make “a natural move” towards the PS3 once “Move” hits the market this fall. The device will be sold in a package that comes with a sensor-camera and a free game.

Sony’s decision to introduce “Move” at this time is also seen as part of the company’s efforts to get ahead of Microsoft, which plan’s to come up with what it calls Project Natal, a body-sensing, controller-free system for the Xbox 360.

The “Move” was unveiled on Wednesday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.