Southwest Airlines to offer Wi-Fi on all flights next year


There’s one more reason to fly Southwest. The Dallas-based airline says that, by the first quarter of 2010, Wi-Fi internet will be available on all of its aircraft.

“We have concluded our testing for in-flight Wi-Fi and we are very happy with both the technical performance of the system and the response of customers who have used it,” wrote Dave Ridley at the company’s blog. “We are pleased to be continuing with our plans to offer satellite-enabled broadband access through California-based Row 44.”

During testing, passengers used their laptops and smartphones to check e-mail, stream video and browse the web. However, Southwest will limit the use of VoIP and video chatting as a courtesy to other customers.

American Airlines and Delta already offer onboard Wi-Fi service on some of its flights, while US Airways says it will begin offering the service next year.

  1. this is good news. That passengers in airline can now use or connect via internet while in flight. Which is prohibited before because of some reasons. But now it's nice that we can use wi-fi internet while in flight.

  2. Good thing that Southwest Airlines can also offer a wi-fi next year. Other airline companies are already offering wi-fi so the passengers can still connect to the internet during their flight.