Spain Arrests Alleged Anonymous Hackers

Spanish authorities have taken into custody three suspected members of the Anonymous hacker group, which allegedly carried out the vicious attack in April that forced Sony to shut down its PlayStation Network for almost a month.

All of the three alleged hackers are Spanish, Reuters said in a report. Authorities said the suspects may also be behind the hacking of Spanish banks BBVA and Bankia, as well as, Italian energy provider Enel SpA. The arrests were the first in Spain against Anonymous, a group whose members are known for wearing Guy Fawkes masks popularized in the film “V for Vendetta.”

Anonymous had previously denied being involved in the attack against the Sony PlayStation Network, which admitted in May that hackers had stolen data from at least 100 million users. The Spanish police said in a statement that Anonymous has been attacking government sites in several countries, including Chile and New Zealand. “They are structured in independent cells and make thousands of simultaneous attacks using infected ‘zombie’ computers worldwide. This is why NATO considers them a threat to the military alliance.”