Spirit Found Its Resting Place

Spirit, the robot explorer that got stuck in a patch of sand on Mars will permanently remain in that position after scientists finally gave up to free it from its current situation.NASA-Mars-Rover-depiction

It will now become a stationary research outpost on the planet, which will try to help NASA determine if Mars has a solid core or a liquid core like Earth. That is if it can survive the cold temperature of the upcoming winter, which may last for six months.

The rover landed on the red planet on January 2004. For six years, it was able to travel for five miles helping verify that there was water in Mars. It got stuck about ten months ago and with only four of its wheels working properly, Spirit cannot get out from the sand where it sank. One of its wheels broke three years ago and another one broke sometime last November while attempting to move.

Spirit’s twin, Opportunity, is still roving the planet on the other side where Spirit is currently located.