Star Wars-themed burgers coming to Europe

Star Wars Burgers

Star Wars Burgers

European fast food chain Quick is rolling out three new limited edition cheeseburgers to celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D.

The Star Wars-themed meals, which will be available from January 31 to March 1 in French and Belgian stores, come in three varieties: Dark, Dark Vador and Jedi. Yes, they’re calling it Dark Vador, and I have no idea why its name is misspelled.

The Darth Vader burger has a jet-black bun, the Darth Maul a red bun, and the Yoda sandwich has some chunky stuff, which looks like marshmallows.

I wonder if there will be a Jabba the Hutt version?

[Hat tip to FoodBeast]