Stay safe on the road campaign

road-safetyState Farm together with Celebrate My Drive just launched a campaign to value the importance of getting a driver’s license. This is an exciting time in a life of a teen and they want to celebrate this milestone together with the new drivers.

They want to convey one main message and ask all drivers to think 2n2: 2 eyes on the road and 2 hands on the wheel. They feel that instead of scaring young drivers we should concentrate on the positive and help them make good choices and stay safe on the road.

It’s especially important considering that over the past three decades car crashes have been the #1 killer of teens. By following Celebrate My Drive’s simple advice of 2n2, together we can reduce teen deaths and crashes on the road. Let’s get to where we want to go safely.

In 2010 alone there were 282,000 teens in ages 16-19 injured from motor-vehicle crashes and about 2700 teens were killed in the same year from motor-vehicle accidents.

Stay safe on the road, and get your school’s administrators to register to participate in the celebration of safe driving at

“Teen driver safety continues to be a major issue, and this program gives us a platform to spread the word and encourage safe driving in teens’ first years behind the wheel. It’s a privilege to partner with State Farm to shed light on this important issue and hopefully help save lives,” said members of The Band Perry, who will be giving a private concert in two winning schools.

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