Super Typhoon Parma – The Rage of Nature Continues

super typhoon parma track

Talk about adding insult to injury. In an untimely turn of events, badly shaken up Philippines will again be hit by another typhoon. Not the Ketsana slow-moving type of typhoon but a super-strong typhoon that has the potential to ravage the Philippines once again bringing the country face down into the mud so to speak.

Super typhoon Parma (locally known in the Philippines as Pepeng), will make landfall on Friday October 2nd late in the afternoon. It is expected to stay in the country for a few days and pack its strongest punch on Saturday causing heavy rainfall and massive property damage.

A lot of expert groups claim that this super typhoon will “churn Manila into Vanilla”. Hopefully that is not the case. With reports of natural disasters springing up all over the Pacific, another calamity would not only bring a lot of families back to zero, it would drag them down to negative something.