Surrogacy Stories Hound Cristiano Ronaldo’s Baby

Cristiano-RonaldoAfter the out-of-nowhere announcement that popular football star Cristiano Ronaldo is now a father, stories now abound that the baby was delivered via surrogacy.

Stories started after Ronaldo refused to divulge the name of the mother of the woman and after he said that he will have full custody and exclusive guardianship of the baby.

Diario de Noticias, a Portuguese newspaper, made the claim that the child was conceived via surrogacy in San Diego end of summer last year. The Real Madrid star was on holiday in San Diego during that time.

The baby, a boy, was born last June 17 and weighs 4.3 kilograms. Necessary paperwork is also being handled as of the moment so that Ronaldo can bring his son to his home country Portugal.

Ronaldo, 25, is this year’s male model for the Emporio Armani brand succeeding fellow popular football player David Beckham. His female counterpart is Megan Fox who succeeded Victoria Beckham.