Survivor Season 20: Heroes vs Villains Cast


It has been revealed that the 20th edition of “Survivor” would be an All-Star season dubbed “Survivor: Heroes Versus Villains“.

The new season will be featuring 20 former castaways from previous seasons. The new chapter is scheduled to premiere on February 11.

Survivor Season 20: Heroes vs Villains Cast

The Heroes
Rupert Boneham, James “J.T.” Thomas, Tom Westman, Colby Donaldson, James Clement, Stephenie LaGrossa, Amanda Kimmel, Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper, Cirie Fields and Candice Woodcock

The Villains
Jerri Manthey, Parvati Shallow, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Courtney Yates, Danielle DiLorenzo, Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano, Randy Bailey, Tyson Apostol, Ben “Coach” Wade and Russell Hantz

[via homorazzi]