Susan Boyle’s rise to fame to be made into film


Susan Boyle’s sensational rise to stardom is to be made into a movie, the Daily Star reported on Wednesday.

According to the British newspaper, Simon Cowell is fighting off offers from Hollywood directors, vowing to produce the film himself.

Video clips of her debut on Britain’s Got Talent have now been seen by almost 130 million people around the globe.

The 47-year-old Scottish singer has been receiving offers from a host of other countries including Japan, Russia, Brazil and Poland, and movie bosses are now on the hunt for stars to play her part, the Star reported.

Meanwhile, Susan got her first kiss yesterday from two determined fans. Mathew Balderston, 33, and Kevin Hepworth, 20, did a 50-mile round trip to track down the singing sensation.

“We drove all the way from Alloa on the off-chance that we might see her and we had been driving round the streets when we spotted her,” the Daily Record quoted Hepworth as saying. “I can’t believe we were so lucky.”

Susan admitted to the Britain’s Got Talent judges when she first appeared on the show that she had never been kissed.