Talks on David Laws’s Private Life Abound

Controversial British politician David Laws was said to be too secretive that his party was clueless as to where he exactly lives. According to reports, Laws kept his private life in secrecy since he began his political career in 1994.

It was perhaps due to the said secretive behavior why he failed to run against Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrat leadership in 2007. This albeit the common belief that he is the party’s most qualified and intelligent politician. Reports said he did not want risking the scrutiny of his personal life, which was inevitable if he clinched the leadership.

According to common observation, his secretiveness was at an almost pathological level. The only widely known facts about him were those which can be read from his CV: Surrey-born and privately-educated, he gained a double first in economics at Cambridge, was a vice-president at JP Morgan bank at 22 and joined the Lib Dems after reputedly making enough in the City to retire at 28.

Meanwhile, journalists who wanted to interview him were not allowed to see or visit him at his home. Instead, they were told to call him on his mobile to arrange a ‘mutually-convenient’ pick-up point.

Even close colleagues were kept in the dark about his relationship with James Lundie, although most suspected that Laws was in a gay relationship.

Furthermore, Laws’s financial footpoint was said to be almost invisible, “despite his fortune estimated at between £1million and £2million, his non-property interests appear to be minimal.”