Teacher forces student to smoke 42 cigs as punishment

student-chain-smokingA Malaysian student, who was caught with a cigarette and a lighter in his locker, was forced to smoke 42 cigarettes for two hours as punishment by his English teacher.

16-year-old Mohd Alif Arifin was sent home after the harrowing incident which left him unable to eat for five days. According to the New Straits Times, Arifin suffered swollen lips and was left continuously coughing after smoking four cigarettes at a time.

The female teacher was said to be shocked when she found her model pupil had a cigarette and a lighter in his cubbyhole and wanted to show her displease. Arifin said he didn’t know those items were in his closet, but his denials were not heeded.

Although the school later apologized to the boy’s family, the torturous penalty joins a growing list of oddballs from the world of Malaysian education.

The government lets schools whip boys with a salted rattan cane for smoking, vandalism and other misdemeanors.