TechCrunch Hacked: Tech blog back online after attack

TechCrunch Hacked

Technology blog TechCrunch is back online after being hit by hackers.

At approximately 10:30 pm PST on Monday, its homepage had been replaced by a message which read: “What a f*****g useless hack isn’t it? Bleh” and also contained a link to an adult material.

The motives or perpetrators of the attack remain unclear, and the company is still gathering information as to how it had occurred. This happening so close to the Apple event is very frustrating for the site’s administrators.

TechCrunch was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005 and profiles Silicon Valley start-ups and technology firms across the United States. It is now affiliated with several other websites, commonly referred to as The TechCrunch Network.

Well, if the most popular tech blog in the world can be hacked, that’s a reminder to all of us that we need to take the necessary measures to reduce the possibility of our systems being compromised.