Thai King Makes First Public Appearance Since Protests Broke-Up

thai-king-bhumibol-adulyadejThe revered King of Thailand made his first public appearance in a ceremony and spoke indirectly about the current protest situation that is rocking the nation.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave a speech addressing newly appointed judges. In his speech he said, “In this country there may be some people who forget their duty.” Then he added, “You should be an example by working honestly and properly.” He believes that those qualities will help the country remain orderly.

The King has always been seen as a unifying force in the Kingdom of Thailand. The 82 year old monarch is currently the longest living serving monarch and head of state in the world. He is also the longest reigning monarch in Thai history having been on the throne since June 9, 1946. His dynatic name is Rama IX.

The anti-government group National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (Red Shirts) has been trying to get an audience with the king. Meanwhile, pro-monarchist group People’s Alliance for Democracy (Yellow Shirts) has already threatened to stop the Red Shirts if the government decides not to do any action against them.

The Red Shirts has been staging protests for seven weeks now in central Bangkok, the nation’s capital.