The First Hello Kitty Hospital

I thought the first Hello Kitty Hospital would be found in Japan. But I guess Taiwanese entrepreneurs came up first with the idea.

hello kitty hospital

The 30-bed Hau Sheng Hospital in Yuanlin, Taiwan is reportedly the world’s first Hello Kitty themed maternity and pediatric hospital.

Everything from blankets and medical forms to the elevators is emblazoned with the image of Hello Kitty.

The hospital’s director Tsai Tsung-chi opened the $3 million hospital in his hometown after obtaining approval from Sanrio Co Ltd.

His mother, wife and daughter all like the adorable cartoon cat.

“I wish that everyone who comes here, mothers who suffer while giving birth and children who suffer from an illness, can get medical care while seeing these kitties and bring a smile to their faces, helping forget about discomfort and recover faster,” he told Reuters.