The Up Film Director – Up, Up, and Away!


If you have kids or love to watch the occasional animated flick, like me, then you’ve probably seen the previews for the new Disney-Pixar filmUp“;  this is Pixar’s tenth film, and somewhere around the millionth for Disney.

The film is about the eccentric old Carl Fredricksen, who at 78, decides he wants to fly to South America. But not in any conventional way! He ties thousands and thousands of balloons to his house, and fully intends to fly all the way there. The film follows his adventures along the way, including the strange animals, and characters he meets on his journey.

In lieu of all the excitement for the film’s huge premier event, coming on May 29th, the film director Pete Docter takes the ride of his life. On May 8th, Pixar hosted the event in which the director was hoisted up into the air, with sixty-four huge, helium filled balloons holding him up. Safety first, of course, the director was flying by balloon, in an armchair. One by one, a team led by Troy Bradley filled, strapped, and evenly arranged these balloons so that they could safely lift the director in the chair. Cables were strapped to the balloons to keep the director from floating away in the meantime!

While this technology may not be new by any stretch of the imagination, the event and the film took plenty of it, –imagination, that is!

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