This LED clock is for those who understand binary

Binary Burst LED Clock

When it comes to telling time, I prefer the basics. But if you truly value the importance of your reputation as a computer geek, then this clock is for you.

Here’s a nerdy, hard-to-read timepiece built by Mike Szczys. You too can make your own. Just check out Mike’s post on Jumptuck where he explains how he created the device. But first you need to learn the binary numeral system, if you don’t already know, or else you won’t be able to tell the time.

From technabob:

The clock is controlled by an ATtiny44 and has a bare PCB board with LED spires that radiate out from its center, reminiscent of a traditional wall clock. Each spire has three digits, corresponding to 1, 2 and 4. When the inner and outer digits are lit up, it shows a binary five. Then the next spire will start the count. Confusing enough for you yet? The hours are displayed with a red LED, and they correspond to the positions of an analog clock, so at least those are easy to read.

Video: Binary Burst LED Clock Demo