Three Men Arrested in World’s Busiest Airport Over Bomb Hoax

Newsworthy incidents continue to rise in airports around the world after the failed bomb attempt in a Detroit-bound airline last Christmas

Three men were arrested by British police in Heathrow Airport, London over a bomb hoax Friday, January 8. The airport is the largest in the United Kingdom and is the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic. (picture shows terminal 5 of the airport)

Robert Fowles, 58, was charged with making a bomb hoax and being drunk at the airport. Alexander McGinn, 48, was charged with being drunk. The third man, unnamed and aged 36, was released. The men were making verbal threats against airport crew before take-off.

Their flight, an Emirates Airline flight bound for Dubai with number EK004, was prevented from taking off after the men were arrested. Airport police and sniffer dogs boarded the airplane to inspect. No threats were found. No other flights were affected by the incident.

Airports around the world have tightened security after Christmas Day. Britain, along with tighter security measures, stated that it will be using full-body scanners within three weeks.