Thrown To The Wolves: Breaking Bad Characters Under Arrest

If you have never even seen an episode of Breaking Bad, then you probably got stranded in the desert somewhere. For those of us who have seen it (myself included) you probably remember that even the “Good” Guys had dirty hands. Although J.R. seemed innocent enough as the wayward hapless son, what if he wasn’t as innocent and innocuous as he seemed. Furthermore what if Marie had more criminal activity under her belt than petty theft and lewd acts. Everyone has a skeleton and sometimes they’re not so out in the open.

Now the fun part, the part where your imagination and knowledge of the show come into play…imagine that ALL of the shows characters were on the hook for their transgressions. What would they stand trial for? I am sure that an avid fan would want all the details in an easy to view image that was detailed enough to wet your appetite but also left room for you to remember some other things that the characters did that we may have left out. If you want to see what J.R. really did or you want a complete rundown on how much of an anti-hero Hank really was, then you will want to know what would happen if Breaking Bad’s Cast Of Criminals Were Arrested!



Breaking Bad arrests graphic via Instant Checkmate Blog.